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It's also reachable via ferry and bridge. There is a tunnel for walkers at the narrowest point across the Kanmon Straits.







Kōzan-ji (Shimonoseki)

Buddhist temple in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Kaikyō Yume Tower

building in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan


capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Kaikyokan Aquarium

Shunpanrō Hall

Former Akita Company Building

Former British Consulate

Nabe-cho Post Office

Shimonoseki City Art Museum

Shimonoseki Municipal Archaeological Museum

Kanmon Straits Fireworks Festival


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Shimonoseki (下関市 Shimonoseki-shi) has been at the center of Japanese history for centuries, but it's best known to culinary daredevils as the home of fugu, a pufferfish as cute looking as it is potentially lethal.


By train

If you're coming from a long distance, the best option is to take a Nozomi or Hikari train to Kokura on Kyushu, and then backtrack on the San'yo Main Line via Moji Station in Kitakyushu. By this route, Shimonoseki can be reached by Nozomi in about 5 1/2 hours from Tokyo and 2 1/2 hours from Osaka.

By bus

The Dream Fukufuku bus runs overnight from Tokyo and Yokohama (15 1/2 hours, ¥13000). Another Fukufuku departs nightly from Osaka Umeda (10 hours, ¥9150).

By ferry

Daily ferries run by Kampu Ferry (tel. +81 83-224-3000) connect to Busan in South Korea. Ferries leave Busan at 8PM and arrive in Shimonoseki at 8AM the next morning, and leave Shimonoseki at 7PM for an 8:30AM arrival in Busan (8AM on Monday). 2nd class one-way tickets cost ¥9000, making this the cheapest way to get from Japan to another country. Arrive a few hours early for visa inspection, though!

There are also twice-weekly ferries from Suzhou, China on Shanghai Shimonoseki Ferry (leaves Suzho Tu, arrives Th). A 2nd class one-way ticket costs ¥15,000.

By car

For those travelling the expressways and only wanting a bit of fugu, even the Nexco Parking Areas either side of the Kanmon Bridge offer it in a variety of pre-prepared forms including frozen sashimi omiyage platters. The views are rather nice too making it a worthwhile break regardless.

For those travelling by way of thumb, note the aforementioned parking areas are easily accessible on foot and frequented almost as much as the standard Service Area. The Kyushu side stop services northbound traffic and the Honshu southbound.

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