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Pointe Noire is a city in Republic of the Congo.


By train

Rail services have been much improved with the introduction of La Gazelle train in 2012, linking Pointe-Noire with Dolisie and the capital Brazzaville every other day. With proper restaurant car and air condition, it offers one of the more comfortable railway experiences in sub-Saharan Africa. However, despite the train's name a journey from Brazzaville still takes around 15 hours. Also note that there are no sleepers available, just regular seats. Other services, using older rolling stock, are also available. While cheaper, they are be a rather grueling experience.

The old colonial, and "Bavarian-inspired" railway terminus, Gare de Pointe-Noire, is located at the southern end of Avenue Carles de Gaulle.

By car

Roads inside the town are in good condition. However, outside of the town they may be impassible to anything less than a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It is very safe to travel around with a taxi. Taxis in PNR are shared so if you are in a hurry tell him to take you straight where you want to go, and pay around 700-1000 XAF. If you take other people from the road you pay ~ 150-350 XAF, depending on the length. If you use a taxi more than 1 hour you will have to pay 3000 XAF for that hour. Do not go outside of PNR without a known driver and a 4WD. They are building the road from Brazaville to Point Noire. It is supposed to be finished in 2012, but with the local infrastructure, who knows. Driving from one to the other takes about 1-2 days, but it is currently unsafe in the Pool region. The new road is worth driving on just to get a feel for the forest/grassland region of Congo.

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