in Niassa Province, mostly used as a transport hub, as it is on the railway line from Nacala Port to Malawi (throw Entre-Lagos a small village of Mecanhelas district) and Lichinga

Ilha de Mozambique

was the capital of the country under Portuguese rule, now a quiet and beautifully atmospheric island town in Nampula Province. It is a World Heritage Site.


a temperate town with an international airport, it is the capital of Niassa Province


a wonderful small town on the shores of Lake Malawi (Lake Niassa) in Niassa Province, the administrative centre for the Lake District and the gate way to Cobue and the Manda Wilderness Project.


in Cabo Delgado Province, well-known for its beaches and potential for scuba diving, and has an international airport receiving flights from nearby African countries


a non-descript town in Nampula Province, the largest in the north of the country, but with little of interest to the traveler

Mocimboa da Praia

a border town in Cabo Delgado Province for backdoor crossing into Tanzania

Other destinations

Niassa Game Reserve

a truly wild part of Africa, ideal for the adventurous traveller.

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cross from Mocimboa da Praia into the remote south of this amazing country


from Cobue it's sometimes possible to take a dhow to Likoma Island where you can catch an onward ferry to the Malawian mainland or a charter flight to Lilongwe.


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Northern Mozambique

Northern Mozambique is a region in Mozambique. It includes the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula, and Niassa.


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