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The main island.



Nearby island with famous blown glass studios



Nearby island with textiles and painted houses.


San Lazzaro

Nearby island with an Armenian monastery and an impressive art collection, including some world class pieces.


Mestre is the mainland, but still a part of Venice.



Jesolo is one of the most important beaches in Italy, just 45' from Venice by car or by boat (ferry from Treporti to Venice).



Venice Film Festival

annual film festival held in Venice, Italy

Old Jewish Cemetery - Lido

Venice Lido Planetarium

Venice International Film Festival

Oasi Dune degli Alberoni

Energy Darshan


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If you are staying in Venice and wish to avoid the more touristy and expensive areas, along with the accompanying noise, Lido is an under-appreciated gem. Trendier and more residential than traditional Venice, it still offers small canals, a variety of dining and impressive views of the city from across the Lagoon. At times it feels reminiscent of Palm Beach, Florida, with its upscale homes, historic architecture and its easy, island feel.


Get in

After arriving in Venice via the Aeroporto Marco Polo, find the Alilaguna waterbus station, a short walk after exiting the airport and turning left. Follow the signs. The boat will take you over to Lido with just a few stops, but does take at least 30 minutes to navigate the airport channels.

If already in Venice, take an ACTV waterbus/vaporetto, which takes about 10 minutes. Venice travel cards are valid to/from Venice, but not to/from the airport as it is run by a different company. If staying on Lido a travel card is worth the investment. Avoid "rush hour" times of day such as early morning and late afternoon when many residents and children are crowding the platform. Also, be careful to avoid local vaporetti which are designated "for residents only."

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