Frankfort (Kentucky)

– state capital

Bowling Green (Kentucky)

– home of Western Kentucky University and home of the Corvette

Cave City

– gateway to Mammoth Cave

Covington (Kentucky)

– south side of Cincinnati

Fort Knox

– home of gold and armor

Lexington (Kentucky)

– horse capital of the world and home of the University of Kentucky


– the Kentucky Derby city and Home of the University of Louisville


– quilt city

Richmond (Kentucky)

– home of Eastern Kentucky University

Other destinations

Big South Fork National Recreation Area

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

National Historical Park at the borders Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, United States

Daniel Boone National Forest

national forest in Kentucky

Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries Tours

Kentucky Lake

lake in the United States of America

Kentucky State Parks

state of the United States of America

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area

recreation area and former biosphere reserve (1991-2017) in the United States of America

Lake Barkley

Mammoth Cave National Park

National park and cave in Kentucky, USA

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To the west of Kentucky, Missouri can boast of having St Louis, home of the Gateway Arch and Union Station.


To the northwest of Kentucky, Illinois is also the home of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield.


Kentucky's northern neighbor, Indiana has several caves to visit and is rich in covered bridges.


Another northern neighbor, an easy day-trip from Kentucky is the city of Cincinnati, home of Kings Island and the Bengals (NFL) and Reds (MLB).

West Virginia

East of Kentucky, West Virginia has the New River Gorge Bridge, one of the highest in the eastern US.


To the east of Kentucky (and south of West Virginia), Virginia has the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park.


Tennessee shares Kentucky's southern border. Here you'll find the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the music city of Nashville and Elvis' home in Memphis.


Carter Caves State Resort Park

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

park located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky, United States

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

Pine Mountain State Resort Park

Kentucky state park

General Burnside Island State Park

Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park

Natural Bridge State Resort Park

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Kentucky is a southern state of the United States. Its state capital is Frankfort. Attractions include horse racing and beautiful lakes. Kentucky is also culturally part of the American South. It is home to famous food (Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hot Brown, and Burgoo), drink (bourbon whiskey) and music (bluegrass) traditions.


By car

Kentucky is accessible by five Interstates:

A sixth interstate, I-69, has segments in Kentucky, but is not yet connected with an interstate-standard highway to any other state. The Kentucky segment starts at Henderson, across the Ohio River from Evansville, taking an indirect southwest course through the state as it follows older parkways (see below). The signed route passes by Madisonville and Princeton before reaching Calvert City, at which point I-69 follows the Purchase Parkway to Fulton (the latter road is now signed as I-69 to Mayfield, and "Future I-69" from Mayfield to Fulton). A spur from I-69 running to Hopkinsville, also routed along part of a previously existing parkway, is now numbered as I-169. Kentucky's I-69 is a relatively small part of a major extension of that highway, which originally ran only from Indianapolis to the Canadian border at Port Huron, Michigan, but in the coming years will stretch all the way to the Mexican border in Texas.

Kentucky is connected to many U.S. Highways:

By bus

Greyhound offers intercity bus service.

By train

Amtrak service is very limited, reaching only Fulton in the far west of the state and Maysville, Ashland, and South Shore in the far north.

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