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Home of the Dalai Lama and a sizeable Tibetan community


Joginda Nagar

The other end of the Kangra Valley line, one of the region's many hill stations


Regional rail hub, which connects the Kangra Valley line to the rest of the Indian rail network



🏝️ as many sights as a desert island


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Kangra is a town in Himachal Pradesh.


By road

Kangra is around 460 km from New Delhi. There are direct buses. All buses from Delhi pass through Chandigarh, which is 223 km (6-7 hours) from Kangra. Roads in good condition and there is no risk of being robbed. Its a safe place to visit.

Frequent buses run the 20 km up to Dharamsala (₹30).

By train

The slow and exceedingly scenic Kangra Valley railway line from Pathankot stops at Kangra Mandir (several departures per day, ₹20, 98 km, 4 hr), which the main stop for accessing Kangra (and also Dharamsala). Don't get off at the preceding stop Kangra, which is on the wrong side of the valley. Once off the train at Kangra Mandir, follow the path, cross the footbridge, follow the path a little more to the cluster autorickshaw drivers. The drivers will ask ₹100 to get into town, although lower may ne negotiated. Some buses also travel direct to Dharamsala.

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