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Don Khon

An aged colonial era bridge built by the French connects the islands of Don Det and Don Kon. It is possible to visit the Dolphin viewing area and the waterfall before exiting to Cambodia. The prices for this service exceed those of what you can expect to depart from Nakasang but you need a combination of boats and ground transport to do it this way. Depending on your budget it is well worth it.


Stung Treng

A bus service operates daily rides to Cambodia. A ticket to Stung Treng including the boat to mainland is about US$6. Even though ticket sellers and bus operators tell you that the bus/van is going to Stung Treng bus station / centre - they may not be telling the truth. If there are not enough passengers to fill an entire van to Stung Treng, you will be dropped at a small shack 3 km outside Stung Treng. There is no infrastracture whatsoever and no motos are available. The driver will promise that he called a moto driver to pick you up and leave. The moto will never show up. Your only option is flagging down any vehicle going to Stung Treng, or walking.



The same bus company operates buses to Kratie. Cost USD 9.



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Don Det

Don Det (ດອນເດດ), is an island in the middle of the Mekong River in Si Phan Don in Laos.


By boat

From Nadasang town, one can reach Don Det on a local tiny boat. Typical price is 30000 Kip if alone, 15000 Kip a person if there are at least 2 passengers; bicycles and motorbikes not included.

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