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unspoilt views (restricted area for foreign nationals).



great trekking destination with picture postcard views. all round.


A sacred Hindu site on the Ganges - a little over one hour by train or road.



A famous hill station noted for its scenic beauty.



The Char Dham Yatra (Four Shrines Sacred Journey) ideally begins from this sacred location.



a hot spring resort.


beautiful scenery.



Forest Research Institute (India)

Lavish environs and one of the largest institutes of its kind. Guided tours available. Open:9AM-1PM and 2:30PM–5:30PM. Admission free. Museum entry ₹25, covers 6 halls. Photography permitted in the compound but not in the museum halls.

Rock edicts of Khalsi

district of Uttarakhand, India


Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology


village in India

Mindrolling Monastery

The Forest Research Institute Museums


guide to


Dehradun is the provisional capital of Uttarakhand state. It is nestled between the Himalayan foothills to the north and the Shivaliks to the South. The town offers breathtaking scenery.


By train

Dehradun (IR station code : DDN) is a major station and a terminus in Uttarakhand. It is connected by rail to Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Allahabad, Kolkata, Gorakhpur, Amritsar, Indore, Ujjain and Chennai. Here are some useful trains to reach Dehradun:

Train Number Train Name You may board at You may alight at
2017 Shatabdi Express New Delhi Dehradun
12055 Jan Shatabdi Express New Delhi Dehradun
4041 Mussoorie Express New Delhi Dehradun
2327 Upasana Express Howrah (Kolkata), Lucknow Dehradun
3009 Doon Express Howrah (Kolkata), Varanasi, Lucknow Dehradun
2687 Chennai-Dehradun Express Chennai, Nizamuddin (Delhi) Dehradun
12205 NDLS Dehradun AC Express New Delhi (Delhi) Dehradun
4632 Amritsar-Dehradun Express Amritsar Dehradun
4163 Sangam Express Allahabad Dehradun
9019 Bandra-Dehradun Express Bandra Terminus (Mumbai), Nizamuddin (Delhi) Dehradun

Also see Rail travel in India

By bus

Delux, Volvo, Semi-deluxe and ordinary Uttarakhand State buses depart every hour from ISBT, Kashmere Gate in New Delhi. There is also an overnight deluxe A/C service run by Uttarakhand Tourism. It is a six to seven hour journey from Delhi. However, the bus station is located about 5–6 km from the centre of the town. If you are coming from Delhi side the trains will generally be more convenient.

By car

Dehradun is in principle a 5 hour drive from Delhi, but unless you leave Delhi very early in the morning, you will encounter traffic that makes the trip significantly longer. The town is on NH 72A (Chhutmalpur to Dehradun). The road is two-laned, but not very wide. There may be many slow-moving vehicles at harvest times, and pilgrims walking on the road in late July and early August.

Various car rental companies provide cars to Dehradun from New Delhi Airport & New Delhi Railway station.

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