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By bus

From Lusaka, Chipata is a 7 to 8-hour bus ride on a luxury bus, costing approx $20. It might be possible to find slightly cheaper transport, but it will probably take twice as long to arrive. (Note: Among the various bus companies that travel between Chipata and Lusaka,Zoom has a rather poor safety record.) Buses to the Capital leave every hour. Be there at least an hour before departure, as the bus leaves as soon as it's full and will not always stick to the timetable.we have Lungu luxuly coaches,chibangamoto,Kapekele and many more, CR Carriers is just one of the many companies operating the bus services their website has pictures of the buses and services they offer, .

There are currently two bus stations, one for minibuses and one mainly for coaches, though another station is under construction. You will need to ask around to find the location of the bus station you need. Be prepared to wait a while at the local bus station no matter what time the conductor tells you that you will leave, it will be much later (minibuses will only leave when full). Kick back and have a warm beer; after all, you're in the heart of Africa.

By taxi

Chipata is located roughly 12 km from the border of Malawi along Lusaka Road. Taxis taken from the Malawi side can take you through Malawi customs, but you'll have to change once on the Zambian side.

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