is where the family moved to in 1820, when their father took up post as a curate. The main sights are the Parsonage where they lived and the sisters began their writing careers, and the church graveyard where they now lie in the family vault.


Car in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. When her health failed in 1849, she returned to Scarborough in hopes of a cure but died and was buried there. Her grave is in the northern end of St Mary's churchyard, beneath the castle.



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city and municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region, capital of Belgium


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Brontë Country

Brontë Country means those locations associated with the three Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Anne and Emily. They're centred on the small town of Haworth in West Yorkshire, but cover a broad stretch of country.


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is the transport hub for Haworth, with trains and buses to Bradford and Leeds. It's industrial and doesn't have any Brontë connections.

The branch-line from Keighley to Haworth and Oxenhope is a heritage railway often hauled by steam locomotives. See timetable for days and times of running, and which are steam-hauled.

You'll need your own car to get around the outlying villages and moorland vistas.

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