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island in the Philippines


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Bago (Philippines)

the main attractions they have to offer are the Kipton twin falls as well as mountain resorts, an ideal destination for trekkers


Cadiz (Philippines)

popular for its white sand beach;Lakawon beach, an island off the coast of Cadiz


discover the diversity of ecosystems which is one of the richest in the island of Negros and one of the last surviving ecosystems in the island, see the mangroves and the sea grass along the shores as well as remnants of corals

La Carlota

trek and hike in Guintubdan

Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park

a natural reserve in Canlaon, the highest point in the Visayas and a favourite spot for Spiritualists and Mountaineers and Catholics during the Holy Week; the reserve is surrounded by flora and fauna, animals found here are deers, boars, etc.

Murcia (Philippines)

the Mamabucal Resort is on a higher elevation than the city hence it has a cooler average temperature; its main attraction are its natural hot springs



known as the Paris of Negros because of its European styled hundred year-old houses which are well preserved as historical monuments


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San Carlos

Apo Island

just off the coast of the town of Dauin and Zamboanguita (in Negros Oriental), this island is popular for divers and tourists alike


Bais City





a popular university city with a clean seaside boulevard and a laid-back atmosphere



taste its one and only temptation; its mangoes, which are known to be among the sweetest in the world



its main attraction is the Miag-ao Church, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site; its capital city is also famous for its Dinagyang Festival


Fountain of Justice

The Fountain of Justice is the site where Jose Luis de Luzzuriaga's residence used to stand, it was where the Spanish forces surrendered Bacolod to the Filipino forces. During the night it is illuminated by lights, it is the usual meeting place for protesters and rallies alike. Today the Fountain of Justice only often functions.

Bacolod Public Plaza

The plaza is like the Bacolod version of Central park but the smaller version, fountains are scattered around the plaza and a gazebo stands in the middle and they are actually the main attractions, just like other parks, trees are scattered around it. The last but not the least, the Unknown Soldiers Monument also known as Theodore Vinther Monument is found here. It is the common place where events like the MassKara festival is held as well as other activities such as Arnis(Filipino martial arts) and other martial arts practices usually happen, it is also a hub for joggers and people doing aerobics during the morning.

The Ruins (mansion)

The remains of a Spanish-era sugar plantation that was burned by the owners before Japanese forces could seize it during World War II. All that is left of the mansion is its stone skeleton. It is a popular destination for wedding photo shoots. The grounds have beautiful flower beds. It might give you a feeling that you're somewhere in the countryside in countryside of Europe perhaps.

Dizon-Ramos Museum

The first 1950 lifestyle museum in the Philippines, formerly the house of Raymundo L. Dizon Sr. and Hermelinda V. Ramos. The main lifestyle exhibit is on the second floor and on the ground floor are seven galleries. One shows how Bacolod looked in previous times; others are: The National Artist gallery, The Holy Land Collection, The Alunan - Puentebella Dolls Collection, Rudy Dizon horse figures, Bro. Roly's crystal collection and the Masskara collection of ABS-CBN that was turned over to the museum.

Negros Museum

Panaad Stadium

multi-purpose stadium located inside the Panaad Park and Sports Complex in Bacolod, Philippines

San Sebastian Cathedral, the Centennial Bells and the Palacio Episcopal

Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation Inc.

Caribbean Water Park

Grand Royal Spa

Spa Natura

Sta. Fe Resort


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Bacolod is the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. It is known as the City of Smiles because of its MassKara Festival, a Mardi Gras-like festival and a spectacular vivid mix of dance, color and music. Bacolod is also known as the Land of Sweet People, and is known for its culinary heritage, including its inasal (a kind of roast chicken on skewers) and sweet dessert treats. Bacolod is a major transport hub for reaching destinations anywhere on the large island of Negros which is split into two provinces, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental.


By bus

Getting to Bacolod by bus from elsewhere in the province is smooth and easy as there is little chance of congestion on the roads. Arriving by bus from other provinces is also possible; you can use the so-called RoRo which means Roll-on and Roll-off. During Holy Week, Christmas and New Year, often buses are cramped, delayed and overloaded it's advisable to avoid traveling by bus during the Holy week and the Christmas season.

Prices of bus fares to Bacolod from Silay-Airport
DestinationPrice (₱)
Bangga Cory400
Capitol Heights425
Donya Juliana425
Fortune Town(e)/Estefania450
Palmas del Mar475
San Miguel Brewery450
San Sebastian425
Sugarland Hotel450
Therese Homes425
Villa Angela425

Bus terminals

There are two major terminals in Bacolod, both operated and used by Ceres liner.

By jeep

Jeepney routes from nearby cities are available, routes from Silay, Talisay and other numerous towns and cities are available, jeepneys are more affordable than taxis.

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