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small town south of Artashat close to spectacular canyon and monastery in Noravank, the impressive Smbatabert Fortress/Tsakhats Kar Monastery area and the old silk road caravanserai of Selim.



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Artashat is a city in Central Armenia. This small town is more like an overgrown village, with little to offer in terms of tourist sites and infrastructure. The only popular tourist site in the general area is Khor Virap Monastery. A very distant second are the ruins of Dvin, an ancient capital of Armenia.


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Vans depart from Yerevan to Artashat regularly throughout the day. Taxis in Yerevan are usually happy to take you there for 100 dram per km. Day tours from Yerevan are offered by some companies by van with other tourists, including guide and sometimes lunch which include the most popular destination of the area, Khor Virap (often combined with the much further Noravank in Southern Armenia or other sites).

The other way from Artashat to Yerevan vans and taxis are also available. Along the highway by Artashat to Yerevan you can catch vans and buses heading to Yerevan, or even private cars.

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