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Sutton Courtenay

about 2 miles south of Abingdon, where the author George Orwell (Eric Blair) is buried.


town and civil parish in South Oxfordshire, England



village and civil parish in South Oxfordshire, England



city in Oxfordshire, England



city in Hampshire, England



Abingdon County Hall Museum

Grade I listed local museum in Abingdon, United Kingdom

Abingdon Abbey

Grade I listed abbey in Abingdon, United Kingdom

Pendon Museum

Joint European Torus

About 4 km south-east of Abingdon, one of mankind's most ambitious scientific experiments is concealed behind fences and tree rows. JET, the largest operational nuclear fusion reactor in the world, has been developed and continuously upgraded since it first reached criticality in 1984. Although it can only sustain fusion of deuterium for a few seconds before it overheats and needs to cool down again, experiments performed here changed the world's perception of nuclear fusion. Open days on Saturdays and open evenings on Wednesday nights are regularly organized, during which visitors get an introduction to fusion technology. A guided tour shows control room, robotics facilities, and of course a glimpse of the reactor itself. Not suitable for visitors with limited mobility or pacemakers. You must bring a photo ID, or will be refused entry to the site.

Abingdon County Hall Museum

Abingdon Abbey

Pendon Museum


Michaelmas & Runaway Fairs

Stonehill Riding School

Drayton Park Golf Club

Abingdon Waterways Walk

Abingdon Bridge Marine


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Abingdon-on-Thames is in Oxfordshire on the River Thames about 7 miles south of Oxford.

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